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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 am a live look over downtown orlando. a cooler start than yesterday morning. we had changes coming your way as well. check weather and traffic every ten minutes bit deneige broom watching the roads. >> 39 degrees is ridiculous. >> are you okay like >> no, not. >> i'm running out of close -- clothing with sleeves. >> obviously. >> freeze warning up and tear volusia, hard freeze north of marion county. a lot of 20s this morning in marion county. we will get to that i want to take you to volusia county at the freezing point and pearson 32 deland 34. stetson. debary, orange city, lake helen, deltona temperatures around 37 bundle up. 37 daytona beach port orange ponce inlet back through new smyrna beach areawide 27 dropping off 1 degree in ocala we have that freeze in effect we have a freeze warning up for
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back through parts of sumter and lake and near the freezing .32 in the villages. 38 clermont osceola county, 43. as we get toward downtown orlando, temperatures up 30s low 40s avalon park and the conway area. 42 melbourne and grand bell carrier. high clouds in southern zones. high clouds this morning. it will look like yesterday but by the afternoon it is going to be nicer. noon, 58. here's the plan it. placket sunshine this afternoon and more comfortable to-4 -- from 2:00-4:00 high 60s. 6:00 one goes down temperatures in the upper 50s. county by county a warm up on the way before friday's front with rain and storms moving in. 5:31 am. let's see if you have problems with deneige. >> no problems. just spots of construction.
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plaza, you have one lane blocked off eastbound but they should be getting that cleared out pretty soon. before osceola parkway one lane blocked for construction. it has not been causing issue. i will let you know the changes. staying on top of breaking news right now in orange county we are getting reports that someone is killed in a fire. we got video of the scene into the newsroom in the last 20 minutes. it happened at 2 am at a shed on form be drive west of some on boulevard. a fire crew is on the scene investigating the cause. we have a live report coming up in a few minutes. it took gunfire to stop 5 dogs from killing 4 people inside of a sanford apartment complex. critical condition. eyewitness news this morning attack happened. neighbors tell us property rules band the animals from being there at all.
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a copy of the lease that says no more than 2 dogs are alive -- allowed in each apartment but yesterday the role was broken when 5 dogs attacked 4 people in this apartment complex. cameras were rolling yesterday afternoon as animal control officers walked a dog out of the sanford apartment building. it is the only one of 5 dogs to survive when police opened fire. they say it took gunshots to stop that animal and the rest of the pack from mauling 2 women and 2 children. this morning one of the women is still hospitalized and critically hurt. >> i hope for the lady. >> reporter: 2 boys had minor injuries and will be okay. they are not saying who owns the dogs or their breed. neighbors tell us they should not have been inside stone book apartments to begin with the eyewitness news got a copy of the lease from tennis at the complex and outlines strict animal policy.
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had -- 2 pets in any home minivans certain breeds including pit bulls, rottweilers, and german shepherds. police have not said if the dogs responsible for the attack victims. we still want to know if police have identified the owner of the dogs. and if the person could face any charges. we're working to get the answer an update you when we hear `alive 7, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. ocoee city officials in the owner of an abandoned gas station at a major intersection have reached a deal to tear it down. the gas station sits on the corner of a colonial and mcguire. developer has filed for a demolition permit. in return, he is asked the city to get him a partial lease on a 2.8 in return, he is asked the city to get him a partial lease on a $2.8 million lien that's around his property. he wants to acquire half an acre of the property to review
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>> we want the developer to build so we don't want to run him away without we also wanted to do what is right for the corner. >> city officials tell us the building to be torn down within the next month or 2. we will ask investigators in orange county if high school students were involved in a shooting. look at the bottom of the surveillance video. you see a hand with a gun and shooting at a group of people by a truck. this happen in cisco pine hills road near silverstar road not far from high school. investigators say they have not ruled out the possibility the students were involved. one person was shot and investigators say he is in stable condition. state lawmakers may have less money to spend this year than they thought. state economists met yesterday to draw the predictions of how much the state were collected taxes. those results will help legislators draw up the budget. if predictions are accurate lawmakers could have about $400 million less to spend this year. governor rick scott fights to protect patients from price gouging.
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that he says he's met with several people cross the state medical bills for simple procedures. would force hospitals to routine procedures so patients know what they are paying for. we have to make sure in our state patients can do for the the have good access and quality care. >> the governor says there are proposals about the state house and senate to and a price gouging but neither would cases. >> kissimmee police are looking for a hit-and-run driver they say stop first and took off. look at the video from the red light cameras advice street and john young parkway. police say early sunday morning, the driver of the ford explorer hit a truck. the driver and passenger passed out and cameras caught the hit- and-run driver try to open the doors. >> he tried both doors, the driver side door and the passenger side door and could not open them. the fire department actually
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victims out. >> at this point police do not know if the driver was trying to help the victims or do something else. they say the owner of the explorer is not cooperating with the investigation and will not tell them who the driver is. checking with fire investigators in orange county to find out if there is a connection between 2 mobile home fires yesterday on both sides of orange blossom trail. both cases the men inside were asleep and managed to get out it one had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. investigators from 2 different agencies responded so they've fires could be connected. was developing this morning we are hearing from another american who has just returned home after the prisoner swap with iran. amir hekmati is a former marine. he was held for more than 4 years in a prison where his family says he was tortured and forced to make a false confession video saying he was a spy. he was sentenced to death but he set he kept going for fellow marines. >> i did not want to let my fellow marines down so i tried my best to keep my head up and withstand the pressures that
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some of which were very inhumane and unjust. >> washington post reporter jason rezaian was freed and is now back in the u.s. a group of churches working on a homeless shelter with the city of daytona beach is also trying to gain support from other cities. the group called faith held a candlelight vigil last night before the city council in port orange. they want to get the city to support the safe harbor, a homeless recovery center and shelter that was presented during the meeting. over the last year daytona beach leaders have had trouble getting support from other cities. covering lake county, clermont residents could soon see changes in the city's waterfront park. this is what it looks like. that the rendering of what it could turn into. if the promenade is built. plans presented yesterday during the state of the city report. the promenade is designed to host festivals. >> if you drive in downtown orlando, there are both closures you need to know about the periodic closures during
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church street until january 22. washington street until january 31. and pine street and central boulevard until march 4. this will allow crews to work on the i-4 bridge and stretches from storage -- church to washington construction of the bridge will also affect the parking lot under i-4. parking will still be available but officials say parts will close intermittently while crews work. get all of these updates on the i-4 project on our website. go to slash i-4 ultimate. 5:39 am. checking weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> certified meteorologist brian shields in the severe weather center 9. we will warm up at the we get cold again. >> this weekend we will see the next system role in friday. that will bring us a big jail by the time we hit saturday and sunday. we are having a winter. we have not this morning. county by county, orange county 37 winter park, waterford lakes
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is okay this morning. 37 as you get toward lake mary, law would work either springs, temperatures around 40. altamonte springs cranes roost temperatures around 39. deland, 34, 35 now in debary and 37 in daytona beach. sending in your temperatures, find and twitter, instagram, and facebook. in the next half-hour i will pass along temperatures. mostly sunny today and it will be a nice afternoon and bounce back further in the way of 60s today. low 60s northern tier. most of us running in the mid- 60s. saint cloud harmony holopaw 66 today, winter garden apopka back to clermont around 65. coming up tracking friday's storms and what that means for the weekend temperatures. 5:40 am here is deneige. >> opd is tried to clear something out of the road at silverstar which is blocking a they have not specified what it is but keep in mind you will see them try to clear out and obstruction. deland, crash at show road. volusia county, it is on scene along with troopers. move over.
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is causing road blocks. 911 dispatcher accused of letting a phone ring and ring when someone was calling for medical emergency. what she was apparently doing instead that has are facing serious backlash. >> ahead of -- a major health insurance says he's losing money because of obamacare. the programs are considered dropping to save costs. residents who use graffiti
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5:43 am. more on breaking news happening in orange county where we found a person was killed in a fire overnight. >> forby drive west of cimmaron boulevard. eyewitness news this morning janai norman just got there. the victim in a shed. >> reporter: that is what we're hearing on the scene. we cannot see the shia -- shed can see the flashing lights from the fire crews here and it looks like 5110 on the street with the open garage is where we have seen investigators owing into an also walking around the back. it appears that is where the shed is pick where we will find out the person may have been when they died in this fire. working to get lots of information and have not been able to talk with any point. we know at least some neighbors are waking up wondering what
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there are homicide investigators on the scene. they say they are called out for any death investigation. no word on whether the cause of the fire could be suspicious or how it is being investigated at this point but we will work to talk with the fire officials who are here to get details confirmed for the top of the hour. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. developing in volusia county, we now have a sketch of a man accused of attacking a 71- year-old woman as she walked her dog. police in daytona beach shores released a sketch of the suspect yesterday. you can see the scar on the left side of his face. as we told you last week, police say a man hit the woman in head and then just ran off. she told police he did not try to take any thing so she does not know why he attacked her. we have posted a sketch on our wftv facebook page and you can share with friends and it could help please make an arrest. a family matlen is still
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help them find their son. john noss disappeared from his home in the middle of the night on saturday. his family says he is aspergers syndrome and they think he may have taken a bus to philadelphia where he used to live. ucf is now raised more than $8 million in private donations for downtown campus. ucf says the $60 million project meets $20 million in private donations. another 20 million coming from ucf and officials of the rest will come from the state. they have 2 weeks to come up with the rest of the money to meet the deadline to over the campus in 2018. oviedo fans a restaurant are leaving their mark before the building is torn down. messages and signatures cover the bricks at the townhouse restaurant which has been at broadway for decades. the building will soon come down as the department of transportation widens 434 . the townhouse is one of 6 buildings being torn down for the project. state lawmakers discuss a
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requirements on transportation services like uber and lyft. a proposal for charters of maintain car insurance for specific companies and when specific coverage amounts. the bill will require drivers to get a copy of insurance out at all time and in the car and present it at the time of an accident if you need to take a kick -- trip to cuba you can make it on a fair. global dairy company bought vacations and ferry service. the new deal will allow the comedy to expand ferry services into canada this year and to cuba if the government of you -- proves the committee did not say when it will happen. 4 manatees back in the natural habitat. >> they are healthy thanks to florida fish and wildlife. these are 2 of them released into port st. john yesterday. they were orphaned when officials rescued them between 2013 and 2014 and rehabilitated them. experts will keep a close eye on them to make sure they are okay. >> do see his face?
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>> 5:47 am. >> warming up friday will see a storm system moving in. very cold this weekend. >> you said highs of 50s? >> we will not see 60s at all this weekend maybe. a look outside for us this morning, downtown orlando up to the north 39 degrees, bundle up. winds of the north northwest this afternoon will be nice. there are numbers. 20s around and that is why we have a freeze warning. the villages through marion county, 20 and low 30s now palm coast a reading from facebook, 31 from facebook, 3136 at the sensor. not that far off. 39 orlando, 43 kissimmee, low 40s now palm bay and eau gallie. and a bit of a wind chill. not a lot of wind and that's why we have frost developing. 34 is the wind chill in orange county. that is why you want to check it. high clouds in southern zones
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sunny for today. 58 at noon winter springs. and we get 60s a will do this afternoon. sweatshirt, long sleeves you will be a good shape. really nice with the mid-60s in the afternoon. zooming through the timeframe today, high and dry and looking excellent with the sunshine. here are the changes. by tomorrow, looking nice tomorrow. will warm up tomorrow but by the time we hit friday, this is very early friday, watching near the panhandle of florida. this line of rain and storms will move in later in the day friday. high chance of rain keeping us chilly, cold this weekend. beaches, water temperatures 50s and 60s. seas 3-4 feet. going over the forecast, mostly sunny, 66 today, low to mid 60s northern tier, mid 60s elsewhere. tonight, not quite as gold but a mix of 30s and 40s and a lot running in the mid-40s for tonight. patchy frost especially in the
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clermont to the north . that is where we can see frost. miss you again on thursday morning but five-day forecast i'm where the weekend is always in view, great tomorrow. look at the changes. 74 tomorrow, 76 friday. again later in the day we will watch out for the line of rain and storms that could have gusty winds and then the weekend, 50s for highs, 56 saturday. saturday night down again in the 20s and 30s. 550 5:50 am deneige . >> a crash in deland at shell road, troopers have updated the information. keep in mind if you're about to leave the house, move over as they get everything cleared. giving you a quick check of i- 4, we have not had issues eastbound or westbound on i 4. looking at midland, this is your traffic heading toward volusia county. no major issues. such a florida expressway authority's do not know when the airport toll plaza on the
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they told us last year it would be camillus during the first 2 weeks in january. now they do not know when it will happen. demolition part of the expressway authority's project to widen the beach line and changed toll plaza's. daytona international speedway has reached a historic milestone. >> the final seat was installed yesterday in the project. he has been waiting a long time to put that in. giving you updates on this for the last few years but no newly renovated stadium featuring 10 1000 seats. this marks the final upgrade made in the $400 million project that has been in the works in july 2013. leaders and ultima springs worried they may have stopped on first amendment rights. coming up the city ordinance they decided to repeal regarding medical marijuana. >> next aware look at the night sky.
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fire investigators do not know what the citrus packing plant breakdown. the facility leesburg caught fire saturday night and was destroyed. the plant was out of service for months. yesterday the fire marshal's office was back on scene and told us they have not been able to figure out what -- how it happened. >> the son of doctor martin luther king jr. went to
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program that pays for low income children or those with this but is go to private school. interpreting florida teachers union filed a lawsuit to and the school voucher program but martin picking the 3rd claims florida education association says the school voucher program takes money away from traditional public schools and lawsuit. 70,000 children use the college scholarships. wish supreme court spent the day reviewing president obama's executive order which allows millions of undocumented the states. the president's plan would shield 5 million immigrants from deportation and 26 days including florida signing a lawsuit against the executive action accusing the president of ignoring federal law. the white house says the president's actions are legal. supreme court is expected to make a decision in june. the nation's largest health insurer expects to lose nearly $1 billion over 2 years and blaming obamacare united health says it lost close to half 1 billion next year and expect to lose what this year. the company is blaming higher-
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enrollees in obamacare exchange programs. united health says it is considering dropping out of all obamacare exchanges next year. 3 lawsuits have been filed on behalf of residents related to the high levels of lead in the water and the city of flint, michigan. lawsuits filed against several state and city officials including the governor rick snyder. the mayor of flint met with present obama at the white house. the president continues to let federal support during the crisis. south florida 911 dispatcher is in trouble for missing an emergency call because she was apparently is the ordering her lunch. >> the story has been although social media. this better was placing the order for 8 minutes a man was having a seizure at a doctor's office. >> one slice of cheese pizza. the lunch special. cheese pizza and a coke.. >> that was the order. the staff at the office called 911 more than once.
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minutes with no one answering. >> first they called from the office and no answer. i called from my cell phone and again no answer. other people tried to call and nobody picked up. >> the dispatcher admitted to her mistake and given a written reprimand. the patient who had the seizure survived. skywatchers will get a special treat. >> before dawn if you look up, 5 planets will be together. mercury venus saturn mars and jupiter will be visible for 45 minutes before sunrise. this is the first time it has happened in more than a decade. you can see it every morning through february 20. teachers in florida can get extra help with bells. >> at the top of the are specific teachers who could get
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by taxpayers. breaking news, a deadly fire in orange county. at 6:00 where we are and what we found out. >> the chill is on. a freeze in marion county, 27
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breaking news on eyewitness
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